About Us

Hardeman Candle Co. started with the simple goal of making a better candle. So many people in my family have allergies and anytime they came over I had to extinguish the department store candle I had burning due to itchy eyes and lots of sneezes. 

I knew there had to be a better, cleaner candle that everyone could enjoy. So after months of playing like a mad scientist in my kitchen, Hardeman Candle Co. was born.

Our candles are made of 100% All Natural US-Grown Soy Wax. Each premium scent is handcrafted to be phalate, dye, and irritant free and we use cotton wicks that are free of lead and nickel for a clean and worry-free burn.

When you light a Hardeman Candle Co. soy candle you can rest assured that the aroma is free of toxins and irritants. We made sure to keep our candles safe for your family and safe for your home.