What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

by Kendall Haechten

The modern farmhouse style has been taking over our Pinterest and Instagram feeds for a little while now and it is not going anywhere any time soon.


Years ago there was a surge of rustic and shabby chic decor. Then came HGTV's "Fixer Upper". The coziness, soft colors, and down home feel really began to resonate with people. Before long the farmhouse style had spread all across America.

When it comes to something as intimate as a person's home, people add their own touches to a certain style to make it fit them best. As it turns out, many people loved the cozy farmhouse feel but didn't care for the rustic finishes like chippy paint or galvanized metal. This gave way to the modern farmhouse style

What is modern farmhouse style?

So what defines the modern farmhouse style? As the name implies, the modern farmhouse is a clean and updated take on the rustic and cottage style farmhouses of rural America. Clean lines, modern black finishes, and just enough natural elements to make it cozy is what the modern farmhouse is at its core.

Basic Elements of a Modern Farmhouse

As previously mentioned, when it comes to something as personal as someone's home, people like to mix their own personality into the style of their home. Even so, there are still some basic elements that just about every modern farmhouse has in common.

  • Wood Accents
  • Shiplap
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Clean Lines
  • Unique Hardware
  • Antique touches

Wood Accents


Credit: hellolovelystudio.com

Nearly every farmhouse, modern or not, has some sort of wood featured somewhere in the home. Many times it is found in the beams. Other times it can be found in the open shelving. Either way, adding wood accents softens the feel of the space and makes it feel more like home.



Credit: @ourvintagenest

What is a farmhouse without shiplap? Made popular by Joanna Gaines and HGTV's "Fixer Upper", shiplap is a farmhouse staple. Originally, shiplap was never meant to be exposed. It was used as a barrier between the framing and the exterior of a home. Additionally, shiplap created a smooth surface for wallpaper which was a designers tool of choice back in the day.

Sliding Barn Doors


Credit: jettsetfarmhouse.com

There's at least one version of a sliding barn door in every modern farmhouse. The classic sliding barn door has been reinvented countless times and there are now seemingly endless options to choose from when choosing how to design a modern farmhouse. From solid wood to clear glass, the sliding barn door is a great way to optimize space while also adding character to your home's design.

Clean Lines


Something that people crave in a farmhouse look are the clean lines. The white cabinets and matte black hardware is the modern farmhouse signature look and creates the perfect clean environment with lots of straight contrasting lines.

 Unique Hardware


Credit: homebnc.com

Even the most modern farmhouses have unique touches to remind you that it's still a farmhouse. Instead of making old things new again, the art of making the new look old is officially the cool thing for designers to do these days. You can see in the photo above that the farmhouse hardware for these cabinets looks like it's from the 1800's but it is actually brand new and made to fit this kitchen. Aside from the unique hardware that modern farmhouses present, we are also seeing more hardware colors and materials such as copper and even leather.

Antique Touches


Credit: decorpad.com

 Wall mounted faucets are perhaps the best display of an antique characteristic in modern farmhouses today. It brings an old world trend to today's modern homes. Wall mounted faucets are incredibly popular today and can fit into nearly any style home. 

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