Top Tips for Styling a Stunning and Functional Kitchen Sink

by Kendall Haechten

Have you ever considered the potential of your kitchen sink? It's one of the most visible features in any kitchen and can be quickly transformed into a decorative asset with some clever styling. Here are our top tips for how you can style your kitchen sink to make it look great and as well as be more functional.


Start with Cleaning the Sink and Countertop Around It

Before you start styling your kitchen sink, begin with a thorough clean to make sure you're starting with a blank canvas. Depending on the type of sink you have, for example stainless steel or porcelain, use appropriate products and tools to get rid of dirt and grime. Once done cleaning, dry off the surfaces thoroughly so they are shining!

How to Clean a Porcelain Sink

The best way to clean a porcelain sink is actually pretty easy. Simply wet a microfiber cloth or European Dish Cloth with hot water and a little dish soap. Then, wipe down the sink while giving a little extra love to the stained areas. If the stains are not coming out with dish soap and water, then rub with a cloth and a little baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Rinse when finished and you'll have a bright white porcelain sink again!

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Sink

Cleaning a stainless steel sink is similar to how you'd clean a porcelain sink. You can wet a microfiber or European Dish Cloth with a little hot water and dish soap and wipe the sink down. Be careful to not use any abrasive materials such as steel wool to avoid scratching the sink. 

Another option you have to give your stainless steel sink a little extra shine is to use a stainless steel cleaner such as these wipes. They work wonderfully on all stainless steel surfaces and can be used on your other appliances such as your microwave or refrigerator.

Organize the Area Around the Sink with a Tray

To keep the area around your kitchen sink neat and tidy, use a tray to store all of your essential items. It works perfectly for keeping regularly-used items such as dish soap dispensers, sponges, scrub brushes, and so on neatly organized. A tray will make sure that all of your kitchen sink essentials stay in one place while also adding a bit of style.

You can also style the tray with plants or small decorative accents to add some personality to your kitchen sink area. 

Accent the Space with a Kitchen Soap Dispenser Set

Whenever you can, replace old mismatched plastic soap bottles with a stylish soap dispenser set that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen. A chic soap dispenser set can make all the difference around your sink and is ideal for storing liquid hand soap, dish soap, and hand lotion. Look for colors and finishes that will elevate your space.

Kitchen Soap Dispenser Set for a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

For example, if you have a modern farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and black hardware, then a soap dispenser set matches the same farmhouse kitchen style is a great way to bring visual appeal to your kitchen sink. If you'd like to keep a classic and timeless look then white dispenser bottles with black pumps are perfect for a modern farmhouse kitchen.

The Soap Dispenser Set for an Elegant Kitchen

If you're looking for a more elegant finish, gold pumps on a white or clear bottle are a fantastic option. Pair one of those sets with a marble or white tray and your space is instantly elevated.

Include a Stylish Hand Towel or European Dish Cloth

You can make a world of difference in the style of your kitchen sink by including a stylish hand towel or European dish cloth. This is a small addition that gives a chic vibe around your sink and provide comfort and function for when you’re needing to clean up food after cooking. 

Hand Towel vs European Dish Cloth

Should you be using a hand towel or a European Dish Cloth? Or both? While both are great to have in the kitchen, they each have different strengths and weaknesses.

Hand towels are great for adding style while accomplishing general light cleaning jobs around the house. On the other hand, European Dish Cloths still look great, but are more geared towards tough messes similar to a paper towel. However, unlike a paper towel, European Dish Cloths are reusable.

Both are great to have on hand in any kitchen!

To Sum It All Up...

Styling your kitchen sink can completely elevate that area of your kitchen while also adding a bit of functionality. First clean, then organize all your dish washing tools with a tray, and then accent the space with soap dispenser set and perhaps a hand towel or European Dish Cloth. We have everything you need to create the organized and functional kitchen sink of your dreams!

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