The Best Hostess Gift Ideas for 2022

by Kendall Haechten

The holiday season is approaching which means there are lots of dinners, parties, and gatherings to be had. From Thanksgiving dinners to Friendsgivings, holiday parties, and Christmas dinners, every gathering has a host. We've put together a list of the best hostess gift ideas for every gathering this holiday season.


Should I bring a host or hostess gift?

Bringing the host or hostess a gift is a great way to say "thank you" for their hospitality and the work they put into welcoming everyone into their home. But, do you need to bring a gift for every gathering? Not necessarily. 

It is not customary to bring a host or hostess gift to a large, formal event held at a venue. Likewise, if you're already bringing a dish to something like a potluck then no additional gift is expected.

If the event you're attending is a holiday party, housewarming party, or a gathering of friends that is not a regularly occurring event, then this is the perfect opportunity to bring the host or hostess a gift.

What are some host or hostess gift ideas?

Hosts love welcoming people into their home so the best host or hostess gifts are those that can be used while hosting! 

Fine Foods

Candies, cookies, and nuts are all safe bets when gifting a hostess. The good news here is they don't even have to be homemade! A simple box of fancy chocolates would be a great gift.


One of our favorite food-related hostess gifts is the absolutely delicious peppermint bark from Williams Sonoma. It comes in a cute tin and is the perfect hostess gift for a holiday party!



Who doesn't love candles? Candles are a gift where you can't go wrong. Gifting your host or hostess with a luxurious soy candle is a wonderful gift. Pair it with a bottle of wine and this is a gift everyone will love.

For the First-Time Homeowner Host or Hostess


First time homeowners love hosting holiday gatherings because it is a chance to show off their new home! New homeowners are also just starting out and don't always have a house full of furniture or decor. A great host gift for the new homeowner is a set of decorative soap dispensers. They're both beautiful and functional and will help make their new house feel more like a home.

When do you give a host their gift?

The best and most appropriate time to give your host or hostess their gift is when you arrive! Not only will it make a great impression, but it may be something they can use during the gathering. If you don't have a gift when you arrive, sending the gift to them as soon as you can after the event is also a great way to say "thanks!".

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