The Best 2021 Kitchen Design Ideas

by Kendall Haechten

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the gathering place for everything from holidays to family dinners. That is why kitchens are the most analytically designed room in the home. Looking for help with kitchen design? We’ve gathered up the best kitchens of 2021 that feature open shelving, hidden appliances, unique tile and color combinations, and so much more!


1. Scandinavian Style Kitchen



The Scandinavian style in homes is quickly emerging. It is a perfect blend of what is trendy right now such as clean lines and a minimalist, earthy, and unique style. What is a Scandinavian style kitchen? Open, airy, and clean with natural tones and textures. What is a Scandinavian kitchen not? Cluttered and cramped. The Scandinavian design style focuses on functionality and warmth so it's no surprise that natural wood textures make appearances in the accents of a Scandinavian home.

2. Open Shelving



Open shelving has found its home within the farmhouse kitchen space. Open shelves allow for an entirely new element of kitchen decor. If you're wondering how to style open shelves in your kitchen, it is much simpler than it seems. A few cutting boards, some matching plates and bowls, perhaps a small plant, and you have everything you need to style the open shelves in your kitchen. Remember, less is more!

3. Using the Countertop as the Backsplash



One of the most popular kitchen design trends of 2021 is the use of the countertop as the backsplash. Many home builders and designers are opting to forgo the timeless subway tile that we all know and love. Instead, they are extending the same marble, quartz, or even granite countertop all the way up the wall to the cabinets and, as you can see in this photo, even beyond the cabinets to the ceiling. By using the countertop as the backsplash, you can create a seamless design that makes the space feel far more elegant than it might be with a traditional backsplash option.

4. Backsplash to Ceiling



If Christopher Walken designed kitchens in 2021 he'd be saying "we need more tile!" But seriously, tile has broke free from its place between the countertop and cabinet and is now living its best life to the ceiling and beyond. As you saw above, its common for kitchens in 2021 to have the countertop to extend into the backsplash and up to the ceiling. Similarly, it is also a popular design style to extend the traditional backsplash up to the ceiling. This kitchen design trend is especially eye-catching if the backsplash surrounds a window. The visual appeal of spacious black windows surrounded by classic white subway tile is stunning.

5. Concealed Kitchen Appliances



Taking from the scandinavian/minimalist kitchen design notebook, overlay refrigerators have arrived. In 2021, it has become increasingly popular to make not only the refrigerator, but also every other appliance in the kitchen look built into the cabinets. Also known as panel ready refrigerators, overlay appliances completely elevate the kitchen and extends the design into places it traditionally hasn't been before.

6. Waterfall Countertops



Just when you thought there couldn't be any more room for a statement piece in the kitchen, think again. The traditional granite countertop is being replaced with high quality surfaces such as quartz, silestone, and marble. Kitchen designers are thinking outside the box and are extending the countertop down the side of the island and creating a waterfall edge. The waterfall kitchen island is a stunning feature that seems to be here to stay.

7.Gold...Gold Hardware Everywhere!



I used to cringe at the thought of gold hardware. I grew up in a house with that 80's/90's shiny gold hardware everywhere you look. However, the gold kitchen hardware that is trending now is much more attractive. It's this kind of satin finish soft gold that appeals to the eye rather cause a glare. More and more homes are turning to gold hardware for the kitchens, light fixtures, and even furniture. 

8. Bold Kitchen Island Colors



Creating contrast with a bold island cabinet color makes a kitchen pop. It is also an easy way to update your kitchen and give it a nice refresh. Bold kitchen island colors are popular when white cabinets are used throughout the rest of the kitchen because of the striking contrast that is created.

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