The Benefits of Natural Soap

by Kendall Haechten

Soap is one of the most widely used household products in America. Some would argue that soap is a personal care item which further begs the question of what exactly is inside of it.


There are many soap brands and they each have their unique scents, colors, packaging, and what each company claims their soap can do. However, not all soaps are created equal. Some are great at cleaning dishes but what they leave behind is not something you want on your skin.

The Benefits of Using Natural Soap

High-Quality Ingredients

There are many benefits of using natural soap on your skin and in your home but the most important benefit is the quality of the soap ingredients. Natural soap can oftentimes cost more than a mass-produced brand in a big box store, but that is because of the premium ingredients used. Large companies that mass-produce soap are doing so for profit rather than quality. This means that they often use the cheapest ingredients possible which can include phthalates, parabens, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). Studies have shown that these chemicals can trigger allergies and effect your respiratory and immune system. Not to mention, your hands feel instantly dry as soon as you wash them.

On the other hand, natural soaps are made with natural ingredients like olive oil and shea butter that can get the job done while taking care of the skin.

Environmentally Friendly

Since natural soaps are made with natural ingredients, this means that after they go down the drain and are broken down in nature they do not have a harmful effect on the local water that it ends up in. This alone is a strong point to consider when making the switch to natural and organic soaps.


As an animal lover, this is a big one!Yyou can be sure that there is no animal testing involved when creating our natural soaps. There is simply no need for this because the ingredients are natural and often plant-based.

Make the Switch to Natural Soap

Making the switch to natural soap is big change you can make for not only yourself, but also your family and your environment. Also, by choosing to refill your soap dispenser with natural soap, you're reducing the amount of waste from your household. Need a refillable soap dispenser for your natural hand and dish soap? Check out our collection here.

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