Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

by Kendall Haechten

The modern farmhouse decor style is one of our favorite home design styles because it's so versatile. The clean lines, neutral tones, and perfect amount of contrast makes it a timeless look that can easily evolve as the years go on. Perhaps the best room in the home to showcase all that the modern farmhouse decor style has to offer is the kitchen.


There are many ways to transform your kitchen into a modern farmhouse dream. You can do large projects like new countertops and paint the cabinets or you can do a few simpler things like changing cabinet hardware and adding some pieces of modern farmhouse decor to change the feel of the space.

If you're looking to add some modern farmhouse decor pieces to your kitchen then you've come to the right place. We have created a line of soap dispensers, lotion dispensers, and trays to help you achieve that modern farmhouse kitchen.

Introducing our Signature Soap Dispenser Collection

We designed our signature dispenser collection with the idea that decor can not only elevate your home, but also provide value to your every day life by being functional. These premium stoneware soap and lotion dispensers are made to fit any home decor style because of their ability to be interchangeable with any of our pumps and dispenser trays.

Modern Farmhouse Soap Dispensers

Our signature soap and lotion dispenser collection goes with any decor style but the modern farmhouse is where it really shines. The most popular dispenser and tray combination that we see people purchase for their home is the soap and lotion dispensers with our matte black pumps and black dispenser tray. You can see an example of this soap dispenser and tray combination below.


Modern Farmhouse Soap Dispenser Set

What we love about this Soap Dispenser and tray bundle is the contrast. The black and white is classic yet contrasting enough to make a statement while elevating your kitchen decor. 

Another great option for the modern farmhouse kitchen is our signature soap and lotion dispenser with a matte black pump bundled with a marble tray. The marble tray is not so contrasting so it will compliment more interior styles but it still is unique enough to catch your eye.


Modern Farmhouse Dispenser Bundle with Marble Tray

Both of these dispenser bundles are a great option for those wanting to add some  modern farmhouse decor to their kitchen. 

Why choose our Signature Collection?


Soap Dispensers

The dispensers in our Signature Collection are made of a premium stoneware which provides two benefits:

  1. The stoneware is extremely durable. Compared to our glass dispenser collection, these stoneware dispensers can survive a fall off of the counter a couple times.
  2.  Dawn dish soap does NOT show through! This is a highly requested feature amongst our customers. Most white dispenser bottles are unable to mask the bold blue Dawn dish soap from showing through. However, the stoneware is thick enough that this is not a problem!

Another benefit of our Signature Dispensers is the non-slip feet on the bottom of the bottles. This feature not only keeps the dispenser stable, but also raises the bottle slightly so that moisture doesn't get stuck underneath and cause mold.

Soap Dispenser Trays


The trays in our Signature Collection are made of the same premium stoneware as the dispensers. Here are a few benefits these trays offer that you may want to consider when looking for a tray for your soap dispensers:

  1. The non-slip feet will keep it stable on your countertop while also raising it a bit to prevent mold from forming underneath.
  2. These soap dispenser trays are smooth which means they are super easy to clean! Simply wipe with a wet cloth then soak up the remaining moisture with a dry cloth and you're ready to go!

Our Signature Collection is ideal for those looking to elevate their modern farmhouse kitchen decor. Below, you can see each item in our Signature Collection.


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