Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

by Kendall Haechten

The bathroom is perhaps the easiest room to transform because of its size. If you look up bathroom makeover on either Pinterest or Instagram, you'll find that most of the bathrooms that undergo remodels or a decor refresh tend to be half baths or smaller full bathrooms. Here, we'll show you some examples of modern farmhouse decor and how you can integrate that decor style into your bathroom.


Clean Contrasts and Straight Lines

The typical color palette for a farmhouse look is black, white, and grey. These colors create a clean contrasting look that puts the modern in modern farmhouse. When you combine the color palette mentioned with straight lines, you get a striking look that make modern farmhouse lovers swoon. You can see in this half bath below that both clean contrasts and straight lines are being utilized to create a wonderfully modern look.


Credit: Hardeman Home

Black Hardware

The most popular hardware color choice for a modern farmhouse bathroom is black whether it is in a satin or a matte finish. Black bathroom hardware is timeless and goes well with virtually any paint color or wood tone. You can see in Tiffany's bathroom below that her matte black hardware looks great paired with her light wood cabinetry. Despite the cabinets not being white or gray, this bathroom is still a modern farmhouse dream!


Credit: @myrusticmodernhome

 Another way to incorporate black hardware into your modern farmhouse bathroom is with our Black Glass Bath Dispenser Bundle. These bottles do a great job at brining everything together and making your bathroom feel more custom. These bottles are also refillable which means you're reducing the amount of plastic waste! Win, win!



Mix in Some Warm Textures

With all of the bright and clean contrasting colors, it's important to incorporate some warmth into any modern farmhouse space. By adding some warmer colors and textures, you can avoid having a space that feels too cold and uninviting. An easy way to warm up a modern farmhouse space is by incorporating textures like wood and whicker. Lynnae added a wooden riser for her soap dispensers which ties in with her wooden framed mirror. All of these textures warm up her white and black modern farmhouse bathroom.


Credit: @lynnaeraquelhome

Looking for modern farmhouse bathroom decor?

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