How to Organize the Bathroom Counter

by Kendall Haechten

The bathroom counter can be a hectic area of the home. Whether you're rushing to get out of the door in the morning or trying to keep your eyes open as you brush your teeth at the end of day, your bathroom counter needs to be organized and ready for you at all times.

Most home organization strategies take away from the decor and aesthetic of the space. However, these bathroom organization items not only get your bathroom countertop in top shape, but they also make the area around your bathroom sink look great!

How to Organize Your Bathroom Counter


Here's an easy step-by-step guide to organize bathroom counter.

Step 1: Start with a Clean Slate 

The first thing you need to do to is remove everything from your bathroom countertop and wipe it clean. Go through all of the items you removed from your countertop and throw out what you don't use or need anymore.

Step 2: Pick a Vase

 The goal here is to make your bathroom countertop or vanity a beautifully functional area to help you start and end your day with ease. Choose a small vase that will hold a couple picks of a relaxing plant like eucalyptus. Glass is always nice in a bathroom but a neutral-colored vase would also work well.

Step 3: Add Some Greenery

Eucalyptus is very on-trend right now and it makes a beautiful statement in any space. Add a pick or two to your vase and your bathroom counter decor is well on its way.

Step 4: Add a Tray

One reason bathroom countertops become so unorganized is because there's no proper place to keep all the little things like hair ties, bobby pins, or that tiny jar of super expensive wrinkle repair cream. Everything ends up in disarray which makes for a hectic morning if you're trying to get ready to for work in a hurry. This tray is one of our favorites because it not only goes with any bathroom decor style, but it also has the capacity to hold all the little things that you can't find a place for.

Step 5: Matching Soap and Lotion Dispensers

The easiest way to elevate your bathroom decor while also enhancing the function of your space is with a matching set of refillable hand soap and lotion dispenser bottles. The matte black bath dispenser bottles are featured in the tutorial above. Topped with a matte black pump, these bottles are the best combination of beauty and function.

Step 6: Include Personal Touches

These are your bathroom countertops after all so be sure to include some personal touches! It's important to make your bathroom counter organization not only cater to your needs, but also be a beautiful space that brightens your day.

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