5 Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen Counter

by Kendall Haechten

Used dish towels, dish scrubbers, a big plastic bottle of blue dish soap, a half used bottle of lotion and some hand soap that keeps falling into the sink. What do all of these things have in common? They are all cluttering up your kitchen sink and the countertop around it.


Luckily, there are ways you can organize the chaos to make every day life easier and more enjoyable! Here's five tips to organize and declutter your kitchen counter.

1. Use A Matching Soap and Lotion Dispenser Set


Investing in matching and refillable soap and lotion dispenser bottles for your kitchen has a few advantages. First, the kitchen dispenser bottles are refillable. By purchasing in bulk and from companies like Grove that sell their soap in recyclable pouches, you're cutting down on plastic waste. Second, purchasing soap in bulk often saves you many as a larger refill is cheaper in the long run than purchasing individual plastic disposable dispensers. Third, kitchen dispenser bottles like ours really add to your home decor style! You can choose from different colored bottles and pumps to match any home.

2. Put It All In A Tray


Credit: @forthelove_ofhome

I know what you're thinking. A tray is just one more thing on my kitchen counter. While that is true, it also provides a dedicated space for all of the chaos to live. You can get a tray similar to this one that holds your hand soap and dish soap dispensers as well as a dish scrubber. Or if you like to have hand lotion by your kitchen sink then a tray like this can hold all three.

3. Get Matching Kitchen Tools

When everything in a home is cohesive, it makes our hearts swoon! We're firm believers that your environment has a direct impact on your mood and productivity. So when you need to get in the kitchen to get dinner made, it really helps things go smoother when your workspace is not only clean and organized, but also an extension of your decor. This is why we created our own dish scrubber that comes with a ceramic dish. This dish scrubber is not only strong but also goes well with any home decor.

4. Simplify Your Kitchen Countertops


 Credit: @kelsey_zoe

The old cliche still rings true, less is more. By simplifying the area around your kitchen sink, you already have a head start on decluttering your countertops. At this point, it's important to take stock of what items you use regularly and what things are only used on occasion. For the items that you use every single time you're at the sink, find a way to keep them there and organize them. For the items that you use a couple times a week then perhaps those things can live underneath the sink in a dedicated space for easy grab-and-go convenience.

5. Find What Organization Style Works for You

Once you've decluttered and organized your kitchen sink area and countertops, continue with your daily routine and see what works for you. You'll find out pretty quickly what your must-haves are and what items you can store away. The most important thing is to do what makes YOU feel less stressed, more organized, and more productive. If it's not serving you then move on and try something else! 

As we mentioned before, your environment has a very strong and direct impact on you. For me, I can't start cooking if there's dirty dishes in the sink and mail piled up on the kitchen counter. I will literally do the dishes and clean off the countertops before I cook even though I'll have to clean it again when I'm finished. But that's because I won't be able to focus on the task at hand if my environment is in disarray. That is exactly why our mission at Hardeman Home is to make home matter. There's no reason the most used areas of your home can't be both beautiful and functional. That is why we wake up and create functional home decor for all to enjoy every single day.

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