3 Steps to Achieve Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

by Kendall Haechten

The modern farmhouse bathroom decor look is easy to achieve with the right pieces. What is so great about the modern farmhouse decor style is that it is so versatile. In addition, it doesn't cost a lot of money to achieve a modern farmhouse look in your home. We'll show you some must-have pieces to refresh your bathroom with a modern farmhouse style.

3 Steps to Achieve Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor


The farmhouse home style has been around for a while now. People fell in love with the cozy farmhouse home style when Joanna Gaines showcased it on Fixer Upper. What started out as shabby chic has evolved into several different iterations of farmhouse decor. Now we're seeing everything from rustic farmhouse to modern farmhouse and everything in between. All across America just as many new homes are being built to emulate the farmhouse look as there are homes being remodeled into a dreamy modern farmhouse.

The farmhouse look has inspired many to refresh the inside of their homes whether it be by complete renovation or just switching up the decor. A room that is most often given the farmhouse treatment is the bathroom. It can be very easy to achieve the modern farmhouse look in a bathroom because the space is generally smaller. So, the whole feel of the room can be completely changed with just a few items. 

We'll show you three steps to achieve the perfect modern farmhouse bathroom decor.

1. Farmhouse Soap Dispenser for Bathroom

Perhaps the simplest piece of decor you can add to your bathroom that will make the biggest statement are the soap dispensers. Switching out the disposable plastic soap bottles for a designer matching dispenser set changed the entire feel of the space. We believe in home decor that is both beautiful and functional which is why we created the perfect soap dispenser set for your bathroom.


 2. Soap Dispenser Set Tray for Bathroom

Once you've picked out the perfect soap dispenser set for your bathroom, the next piece of decor you'll need to achieve the modern farmhouse look is the right tray to hold your dispensers and other personal items. Not only will the tray help keep the moisture off the countertop, but it also elevates the decor and will make your bathroom countertop look more organized.


3. A Cute and Coordinating Hand Towel

 To complete this modern farmhouse bathroom counter look, you will need a coordinating hand towel. The hand towel does a couple of things for not only the design, but also the functionality of the space. By incorporating a hand towel into your bathroom countertop decor, it adds texture that softens the look and feel of the space. However, hand towels don't just look the part. They also work hard to provide the functionality you need. Our Turkish cotton hand towels are a great item to include in your bathroom counter decor. They not only look great, but they are also super absorbent, are extremely durable, and get softer over time.

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