3 Easy Sustainable Home Good Swaps

by Kendall Haechten

Taking care of our environment is more important now than ever before. It has also never been as easy as it is now. We're provided with more eco-friendly options every day like hybrid vehicles and paper instead of plastic at the grocery store. But what about inside the home? What can we do in our day-to-day lives to cut down on waste?


3 Sustainable Swaps for the Home

1. Refillable Soap Dispensers


 What do you do when that plastic bottle of soap runs out? You get a new full one to fill it's place! But, did you know that the average household will go through 25 single-use plastic bottles of hand soap per year? Multiply that by the 123 million households in the US and the number of single-use plastic bottles of hand soap used in the US in just one year is a staggering 3 billion. And that's not even counting shampoo, conditioner, and household cleaners. So, by simply switching to refillable soap dispensers, we could start to put a dent in the amount of plastic filling up our oceans and landfills. At Hardeman Home, we offer a wide variety of refillable soap dispensers made of glass and stoneware.

2. Soap Refills

So you've made the switch to reusable soap dispensers but you may be thinking, now what? Don't I have to fill it with something and doesn't that something still come in plastic packaging? Just like there are zero-waste soap dispensers, there are also zero-waste soap refills! We are proud to offer our own line of Hand and Dish Soap that come packaged in recyclable pouches to eliminate the need for single-use plastic hand soap bottles completely!

3. Sustainable Dish Scrubbers


Another easy and sustainable home good swap is your dish scrubber! Are you using a plastic dish scrubber? You know the kind that may last a few months and then you buy a new one? And chances are that old and frayed scrubber didn't get recycled. I know, I've been guilty of it too! But there's a more sustainable option. Our Bamboo Dish Scrubber is made of renewable resources. The handle is made of sturdy bamboo while the bristles are made from palm leaves. No plastic in sight!

Making the switch to refillable soap dispensers and choosing bulk refills in recyclable packaging is a major step in reducing your plastic consumption! And there are so many other easy things you can do to work towards that zero-waste lifestyle. Our mission at Hardeman Home is take make home matter through zero-waste products that are safe for you and your family.

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